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Strahan Construction is committed to building homes of excellent quality and superb design. Founded in 1986 by Reid and Cindy Strahan, they specialize in building custom homes to serve the wishes and needs of their clients. The company's homes feature dramatic styling, good taste, and architectural detail. Strahan Construction has built a reputation for honesty and satisfied customers. Reid and Cindy live in their own development because of this commitment to client relationships.

We want you to meet our team members. We’re a mix of family, and coworkers that have become family. Our small group holds a wealth of knowledge in the industry, each with our own niche skillset and experience. Individually we can accomplish a lot, but together, we accomplish a lot more. Our teamwork is something our customers witness every day.

If you come to a Sunday Open House, you’ll see Cindy and Alissa. They can all answer any questions you might have, and introduce you to the Strahan building process. Cindy might even throw in some design tips as she’s behind the décor in our staged homes. If you decide to start the home-building journey with us, you’ll meet with Luke. He’ll help with planning and design, as well as pricing. When you visit your home during construction, you might see Jeff, who manages our field operation. And the list goes on. You’ll get to meet each of our employees at some point along the way and we promise you’ll appreciate every single one of them.

COMMUNITIES / Camden Country Estates

About this Community

Camden Country Estates

Strahan Construction has introduced a beautiful development with continuity of style. Camden Country Estate homes have a European flavor, blending influences of old English and French country architecture. Combinations of Shakes, stone, and brick give these homes character and charm. The look is stately and impressive.

Camden Country Estate homes feature dramatic styling, good taste and architectural detail. Here is a list of standard features on all Camden Country Estate homes. We also offer all the options available for homes in today’s market.


Plat #Lot #PriceTypeStatusMore Info
1 1 Egress SOLD
1 2 $82,900 Egress Available Get Info
1 3 $82,900 Egress Available Get Info
1 4 $82,900 Egress Available Get Info
1 5 Coming soon! Egress Available (Spec house)
1 6 Daylite SOLD
1 7 Daylite SOLD
1 8 Walkout SOLD
1 9 Walkout SOLD
1 10 Walkout SOLD
1 11 $92,900 Walkout Available Get Info
1 12 $88,900 Walkout Available Get Info
1 13 Egress SOLD
1 14 Egress SOLD
1 15 Egress SOLD
1 16 Egress SOLD
1 17 Egress SOLD
1 18 Egress SOLD
1 19 Egress SOLD
1 20 Walkout SOLD
1 21 Daylite SOLD
1 22 Walkout SOLD
1 23 Walkout SOLD
1 24 Walkout SOLD
1 25 Model Home Egress Available (Model home coming soon!)
1 26 Daylite SOLD
1 27 Walkout SOLD
1 28 Walkout SOLD
1 29 Walkout SOLD
1 30 Walkout SOLD
1 31 Walkout SOLD
1 32 Walkout SOLD
1 33 Walkout SOLD
1 34 Model home Walkout Available Get Info

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